Sheepplus is a new sexing technology available for sexing of ram semen. 
  • Boots the % of ewe lambs to 70-80%
  • Boosts overall flock fertility by 5-15%
Product Details

No matter how you inseminate your ewes, we have SHEEPPLUS to suit your needs. For fresh semen, SHEEPPLUS is available in 10 unit multi-dose vials (each vial will sex 10 x 0.25 ml of extended semen). This product is designed for use with cervical or laproscopic insemination of fresh semen. For frozen straws, we also have SHEEPPLUS in single-dose vials (0.25 ml or 0.50 ml ).
  • Low cost
  • Easy to use - just mix and inseminate
  • Recommend for both frozen and fresh semen
  • Works with all rams
  • Boosts semen fertility and higher conception rates
  • 70-80% ewe lambs