NANNYPLUS in our newest semen sexing kit, developed for use in your goat breeding program. Sexing gives you a needed tool for adding more replacements, more does for show, or just putting more hoofs on the ground.

Simple to use and cost effective, everything you need for sexing a single straw of frozen semen is contained within the vial. Semen is thawed as usual and then mixed in the NANNYPLUS vial. Return to the thaw bath for 20 minutes and insemination. It is that simple!

How does it work? This unique process sexes only one gender of sperm. When using the female agent, only the X-bearing sperm(female) is stimilated. With the male agent, only the Y-bearing sperm (male) is stimulated. The sexing process stimulates the motility and fertility of the sexed sperm while slowing the motility of the unsexed sperm. When inseminated, the desired gender of sperm arrives at the egg first. In the case of NANNYPLUS, the result is more ova fertilized by the X-bearing sperm and more nanny kids!

Are pregnancy rates affected? Our research team and the experience of thousands of producers using our sexing agents have seen their pregnancy rates increase 5-25%! This is no small benefit to any breeding program!

Handling Instructions: Protect from light, heat, and moisture during storage and transport. We recommend transporting the product in a cool, insulated container.

Storage: For long-term storage, keep in the freezer (at or below -20oC) for up to two years. Store in refrigerator (5oC) for up to 6 months.

Expiration date: NANNYPLUS is a biopharmaceutical agent that is warranted from expiration for 2 years from date of manufacture. Improper handling or storage will void this