TS20V Dog Breeder Scan The best-selling TouchScan® 20 Vet(TS20V) can now meet your requirements of high image quality, vers.. Product #: TS20V-001 2 - 3 Days

TS20V Dog Breeder Scan

Product Code: TS20V-001
Availability: 2 - 3 Days
Call for Price: 608-387-1777

The best-selling TouchScan® 20 Vet(TS20V) can now meet your requirements of high image quality, versatility, mobility and affordability of traditional B/W ultrasound.

Equipped with highly useful veterinary functions including veterinary information management, body mark, OB table and specialized measurement packages, TS20V is suited for small or mixed animal veterinary clinics and research laboratories , as well as in bovine, equine farm practice.

Why is it worth having the TS20V?
You will quickly understand positive qualities of this ultrasound scanner designed to work in the field because:

Simple Touch, to Save Time
Using the one-touch measurement features of TS20V exam results are delivered with maximum efficiency ,and quick diagnosis report can help providers make critical decisions more easily. This, in turn, enables the convenience of daily operation and reduces repetitive stress injuries due to daily activities.

Ease of Use
Intuitive easy-to-use features simplify and increase productivity of examinations One-button image optimization with Q-scan button Fast system boot-up within 40s

Ease of Use
Fully Compatible with BMV up to 7 types ultrasound probes Multi-frequency probes for different applications Image enhancement presets for specific applications


B & W modeBM2BB/M4B
Gray scale256
Display15" LCD monitor
Transducer frequency2-11MHz
Digital technologyYes
Wide- angle imagingYes
Panoramic focusing technologyYes
Rolling M technologyYes
Scanning depth220mm
Main Unit: TS20 VETQuantity1
Micro-convex ProbeQuantity1
110V~240V AC Power WireQuantity1
Basic User's GuideQuantity1
Packing ListQuantity1
12 months warranty both for machine and probe under PRO- SUPPORTQuantity1
Linear AbdominalQuantity1
Rectal Linear ProbeQuantity1
Convex ProbeQuantity1
Additional 12 months warranty service for main machine under PRO- SUPPORTQuantity1