L60 Convex Pig, Sheep, Goat ultrasound A high-end compact and lightweight, portable scanner, particularly good for Pig, Sheep, Goat fertili.. Product #: L60-C-1 2 - 3 Days

L60 Convex Pig, Sheep, Goat ultrasound

Product Code: L60-C-1
Availability: 2 - 3 Days
Call for Price: 608-387-1777


  • Pregnancy control to save money and feed cost.
  • Roughly estimation: US$2000 feed cost can be saved for every 100 sows.
  • Which means our scanner will pay for itself in less than half year, even if you have only 100 sows.


  • Pregnancy diagnosis
  • Fetal Counting
  • Fetal Age
  • Fetal viability
  • Fetal gender
  • Ovarian structures

Evaluate stage of cycle Why is it worth having the L60 Convex?

You will quickly understand positive qualities of this machine designed to work in the field because: High-End Customers Always Say “NO” to the ultrasound Systems with Mechanical Sector Probes, and Prefer to the Electronic Probes which has:

  • Superior Imaging Quality with 96 elements
  • More Wider Scan Angle
  • Longer Life-time
  • No need to do oil-injecting all the time
  • No possibility of the air-bubbles which affect image quality in Some Mechanical Probes
  • More comfortable for animals without motor-motion 25345683 9624 4edb a4da bfc9718f0e99

IScanI-Scan is ideal for BMV ultrasound machines.  Every veterinarian deserves to own this.  You can see the image in bright sunlight or dark situations when I-Scan is sorn on your head and allows you to see the ultrasound image in front of your eyes!