FarmScan L60 Thanks to six(6) different probes, I.F.R™ introducer and I-Scan® video glasses, FarmScan® L60 can pe.. Product #: BMV-L60-1 2 - 3 Days

FarmScan L60

Product Code: BMV-L60-1
Availability: 2 - 3 Days (Product will be available at: 09-04-2016)
Call for Price: 608-387-1777

Thanks to six(6) different probes, I.F.R™ introducer and I-Scan® video glasses, FarmScan® L60 can perform all veterinarian applications and even more easily.FarmScan® L60, good premium image quality, considerate design for comfortable, fast and reliable detection of pregnancy and gynecological diagnosis in difficult field conditions on a daily basis.


  • Fast and reliable detection of pregnancy from 28th day on cows, 13th on mares, 25th on sheep and goats ,18th on pigs (pregnancy control, ovarian examinations, post partum diagnosis, …)
  • Foetal sexing on cows , mares, sheep and goats

Why is it worth having the L60?
You will quickly understand positive qualities of this L60 ultrasound scanner designed to work in the field because:

  • Only weight 0.6 kg
  • Excellent imaging quality and ergonomic design
  • Support Introducers and I-Scan® Video Goggle
  • 5.8 inch LCD monitor, wide viewing angle, LCD monitor can turn off when use I-Scan® Video Goggle
  • 4.5~5.5 hours Li-ion battery for operating
  • Support USB for ultrasound station to transfer images and video to your computer, 410-frame cine loop
  • Support leather protector, designed to be resistant to extremely harsh farm conditions
  • Software & Report for reproductive system, and measurement for distance, area, circumference, volume, angle, heart rate 


17.0 x 17.0 x 6.0cm
Unit weight1720 g including probe
Battery weight280 g
Image presentation (projection) modeB Mode _ live imagingB +B Mode (2B Mode --- Dual Mode Display)B +M Mode
Probe frequency and typeelectronic linear 7.5MHz (from 4 to 9MHz)
Scanning rangefrom 0 to 12cmfor linear probefor rectal use
ScreenLCDLED5.0" diagonal
Cine loop (image sequence)256 frames (ca. 20 seconds)
Image memory200 images with dateindex No. and description
Cine loop memory50 cine loops with dateindex No. and descritpiton
Transmission to the computerthrough the USB 2.0 port
Power sourceLi- ion battery pack:14.4V3.1Ah
Continuous operation on fully charged batteryabout 5 h
Pack charging time2 hrs 30 min
Battery low indicatorautomatic --- graphic indicator
Working temperature-10 degrees C do+ 40 degrees C
Storage temperature0 degrees C do+ 45 degrees C

Main Unit: L60Quantity1
Rectal Linear ProbeQuantity1
110V~240V AC Adapter for MachineQuantity1
Li- ion Battery 2600 mAhQuantity1
Shoulder strapsQuantity1
Wrist stapQuantity1
Basic User's GuideQuantity1
Desk-hold for machineQuantity1
Packing ListQuantity1
Aluminium alloy carry caseQuantity1
110V~240V AC Adapter for BatteryQuantity1
12 months warranty both for machine and probe under PRO- SUPPORTQuantity1

Additional Li- ion Battery 2600 mAhQuantity2
Car mobile ChargerQuantity1
Convex rectal probeQuantity1
Linear AbdominalQuantity1
Convex ProbeQuantity1
Micro- convex ProbeQuantity1
I.F.R. Introducer for Rectal Linear probeQuantity1
I.F.R. Introducer for Convex Rectal probeQuantity1
I-Scan V1 Video GogglesQuantity1
I-Scan V2 Videos GogglesQuantity2
Additional 12 months warranty service for main machine under PRO- SUPPORTQuantity1
Leather ProtectorQuantity1