Italian Ryegrass

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Green Spirit

Use this perfect combination of both diploid and tetraploid Italian ryegrasses as a rotation crop for fall planting. When planted in the spring, seed heads do not emerge during the first year. Green Spirit is a perfect high-quality emergency feed. Compared to small grains, Green Spirit offers higher yields of higher quality forage for a lower seed cost.


Bardelta is a diploid Italian ryegrass variety which has been selected after trials in United States. It is a very high dry matter producing diploid variety. Bardelta has very high crown rust resistance and excellent forage quality. It shows good winter hardiness in trials in Pennsylvania. It shows very good persistence under grazing.

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Barmultra II

This is a very leafy tetraploid variety with good winter-hardiness, outstanding initial growth plus excellent regrowth after cutting. Barmultra is extremely rust resistant and offers high DM yields.

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Barextra is a new and exciting Italian ryegrass variety. Barextra has shown impressive performance in university trials throughout the Midwest. It is a high yielding, winter-hardy tetraploid variety with superior rust resistance. It is more persistent than other Italian ryegrasses making it suitable for both mechanical harvesting and grazing. 

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New diploid Green Spirit variety from Barenbrug. Barprisma stregthens the Barenbrug tradition of breeding varieties that do not head out in the summer after sowing in spring. Barprisma was selected for improved rust resistance, lower lodging and more drought tolerance. For producers which prefer Green Spirit as a winter forage it also has shown better winter hardiness.  

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