Advantage Forage Enhancer
Advantage Forage Enhancer is an inoculant of bacteria and enzymes designed to reduce dry matter loss and maintain high quality haylage and silage.  Advantage does this by rapidly dropping pH to inhibit mold and yeast feeding.  Less mold and yeast feeding means less heating, dry matter loss and spoilage.  This preserves and helps maximize the crop with very high quality feed.  your cows will respond with higher milk production. 

Why Advantage Forage Enhancer is better
  • Contains four strains of bacteria to work in a wide pH and moisture range. 
  • Applies high level of bateria per gram of crap 150,000 cfu/g of crop which is above the industry recommended minimum level of 100,000 cfu/g of crap. 
  • Combines bacteria PLUS enzymes (most competitors do not include this critical component). Enzymes help break down some of the plant fiber to help the bacteria to be more efficient. 
  • Water soluble products contain a buggering agent to keep the solution neutral in application tank.  This keeps the bacteria viable and prevents settling in tank. 
  • Advantage Forage enhancer comes in a dry flowable (FS370DF) and two water soluble (FS320WS and FS34OWS). 
Advantage HMC is a Burchneri based inoculant that excels in yeast control on feed-out in addition to quick fermentation after harvest.  Yeast control on feed-out helps to extend bunk life with less crop thrown out due to spoilage or feeding cows partially spoiled forage.  In some cases it has been known to reduce somatic cell count in milk.  Ideal for high mositure corn, but does work with silage also.

FORAGE Applications:

Application Rates for Advantage Products
FS 370 DRFS320 WSFS 340 WS
Treats 100 TonsTreats 100 TonsTreats 500 Tons
Apply 0.5 LB Per Ton of ForageMix with Water, 1 Gram of Dry Product Per TonMix with Water 1 Gram of Dry Product Per Ton
Recommended Moisture: Corn Silage 60-70%, Haylage 55-65%

 High Moisture Corn / Corn Silage Applications

Application Rates for Advantage Products
High Moisture Corn / Corn Silage
HMC 780 BHMC 790-B WSHMC 780 BHMC 790-B WS
250 Gram Pouch1000 Gram Pouch250 Gram Pouch1000 Gram Pouch
Treats 33 TonsTreats 133 TonsTreats 50 TonsTreats 200 Tons
Mix with Water 7.5 Grams of Dry Product Per TonMix with Water 7.5 Grams of Dry Product Per TonMix with Water 5 Grams of Dry Product Per TonMix with Water 5 Grams of Dry Product per ton
Recommended Moisture: 25-34%Recommended Moisture: 60-70%
High Moisture CornCorn Silage